Tuesday, 25 January 2011

the maldistribution of wealth

It is my attention to return to my posting on Ownership for All which got interupted by the need to go and deliver Focus. Part of the arguement is predicated on the need to rememdy the maldistribution of wealth in Britain. In the meantime let me leave you with a quote from Jo Grimond in his speach to the 1964 Liberal Assembly

We believe both that capital wealth should be more widely shared, and that the salaried workers and those in the public services should be more adequately rewarded. As for industry, apart from giving the worker a share of the profits, we believe that the state should give a lead to industry by fixing minimum wages and indicating a maximum for wages, salaries and profits, leaving room within these limits for bargaining over exact wage rates. As far as profits are concerned, our proposals for free competition and consumers’­ protection, and the steps to curb speculation in land, should keep them in check. But of course profits must be brought into the general purview. If the public welfare is ignored by firms, then sanctions in the form of extra taxation should be applied. These proposals are related to a detailed programme for job-training, consultation and the more skilful use of manpower in industry. We stretch out our hands to the unions who are going our way. The forces of progress in the movement must feel the support of all progressive opinion.

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