Wednesday, 5 January 2011

catching up

I've been rather busy and so have not kept up with the blogging recently. Many thanks to Simon Shaw for stepping in to the breach with some excellent posts tracking the council's failure to deal with the snow and presenting positive alternatives to them.

I have a posting half written on 'Dowd's dilemma ' which is related to Occam's razor in so much as the most straight forward explanation is probably correct. So when you ask why haven't Labour resigned their cabinet posts on Sefton council seeing as they are clearly are in opposition -you don't have to go into complicated theories....................................

I was going to do a posting on the VAT rise which Labour have rather opportunistically opposed -despite having confirmed that they would have done it themselves had they won the election! Lib Dem Voice has more than adequately covered that issue. In that context I thought Evan Davis's interview with Alan Johnson was masterly. We now have it confirmed that Labour agree the size of the structural deficit and they agree with the coalition about it's size. They agree that it will not be eliminated by growth. They think that there should be more tax rises (so quite how they think they could avoid VAT given Alister Darling's statements as Chancellor)

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