Tuesday, 11 January 2011

'Carry on Conservatives' update.

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This morning's news that 3 Tories have been suspended and one resigned from the small Tory group on Sefton Council needs to be put in context. The collapse of the Sefton Tory group can pretty well be dated from the leadership putch led by Mrs Parry and the 'selection' by an out of touch cabal of Mrs Porter as PPC for Southport and deputy leader. Since then:


Les Byron (quit)
Eric Storey (quit)
Tom Glover (suspended twice)
Sir Ron Watson (suspended)


Alf Doran (quit)
David Pearson (suspended twice)
Wendy Jones (deselected)

Chief Whip

Anne Ibbs (deselected)


Jeremy Myers (quit) along with four other 'professional men' form the Exec


Jackie Glover (suspended)
Judge Stuart Fish, Dukes Ward (quit)
Michael Hunton, Kew Ward (quit)


Andrew Logie (arrested)
Paul Wilding (arrested)


Den Dover (quit-owing in excess of £500,000 false expenses claim)

Electors (quit in droves at General Election as thousands of previously loyal Conservative voters turn to the Lib Dem

Now as to the cause of this collapse those in a position of leadership Porter-Parry must carry the responsibly, leaving aside their 'odd' choice of allies and the bizarre policy direction their total failure in the 'people management' skills department is obvious. It would be churlish of me not to acknowledge that their disintegration as a coherent group has not helped us. Few in Southport would now look to them for answers. It is the Lib Dem's who have been doing the 'heavy-lifting whilst they have turned inward and concentrated on their squabbles.

When I was first elected to Sefton Council Sir Ron led the Tories with an overall majority -close to 40 councillors. Today there are 11.

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  1. I would like to ask Simon Shaw, what he has done along with his leader, to ask Cllr John Fairclough (Labour Cabinet member for Technical Service) to stand down for the mess he brought us with the winter roads chaos.


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