Saturday, 29 January 2011

Biomass Power generation Alexandra Dock

Down on Bootle Docks a major project is being planned than will provide around 200 construction jobs and 50 permanent jobs. Alpines want to build a major biomass project with an investment of £300m. I have no idea whether this scheme is appropriate for the site but there are some encouraging features not least of all that most of the traffic bring raw material to the site will come by boat. In addition the low carbon fuel produced will supply the grid. They intend to recycle wood into pellets-the same fuel as we use in our stove at work. Those who want to know more can find information about the scheme here.

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  1. Dont let the developer have a free hand. councillors and local people should be involved with the planning process at every stage. Do NOT sit back like they have at the project in Blyth Northumberland. Debate claims the developer makes at every point. The thinking on biomass by establishment and professionals is changing - it is not the clean green answer to all our problems. Yes it may bring jobs, but the industry is highly mechanised and the modern automation of the plants does not lend favourably to local employment figures. Oh, and ofcourse it is subsidised up to the hilt with ROC's. They are not building these things to save the planet, they are building them to make money!


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