Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bad week for Conservatives just got that bit worse

Jim Hancock, the doyen of NW political commentators, turn his attention to the disintergration of Southport Tories this week in his Daily article Post

IT WASN’T a good week for the Conservatives. Their vote haemorrhaged in the Oldham by election and locally the Tories are exploding in Southport like a super nova.

The suspension of Sir Ron Watson, who has been a party stalwart and councillor for more than 40 years, means that things have come to a pretty pass....................................

Indeed the Conservative Party in Southport has had a troubled recent history.

In 2007 the choice of Tory veteran Brenda Porter as parliamentary candidate split the party. The following year Sir Ron Watson had his first clash with his fellow Tories over expenses for attending Local Government Association meetings.

Then the other leading Tory councillor, Les Byrom, was stripped of his place on the Merseyside Fire Authority and defected to Labour citing infighting as his reason.

Now Cllr Watson and two others have been suspended and former West Lancashire Tory parliamentary candidate Alf Doran, has become the council’s first UKIP councillor.

Now what Jim does not factor into his reflection is the sheer level of political and managerial incompetence that the Tory leadership have displayed.

Jim seen here at a Sefton Central Lib Dem event

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