Tuesday, 4 January 2011

An apology from the Council

I think it best if I just reproduce the article on the front page of the Sefton MBC website that appeared this morning following on from our posting last night

Severe Weather

Sefton Council Chief Executive, Margaret Carney, said: "Following the severe weather conditions witnessed just before Christmas, I wish to sincerely apologise that we didn't achieve better outcomes despite extensive gritting and the efforts of all staff concerned.

"We will learn lessons which will include looking to invest in new equipment and mobilising staff more quickly to manually clear the snow, particularly in town centres.

"While the weather conditions were unprecedented, it is clear that the lives of our communities were significantly impacted and I apologise for that."


  1. If theres anything more insulting than that phrase "lessons will be learned " then ive yet to come across it- we all know this sort of poor management is likely to happen again and they wont be prepared - as im sorry to say they just dont care enough

    that trite phrase is trotted out by all councils time after time as a sop to the media who love reading it out

    Mrs Carney should look at her role in an honest professional way - and reflect on how badly she as chief exec and her management team let us all down so badly- please dont insult us with Lessons to be learned - just do your job properly

  2. We'd all have more respect if 'anon' left his/her name. I'm not sure on what rational basis you make your comments. No one has been more critical of the failure of the council than I have but I firmly believe that lessons need to be learnt. What is the alternative? Not learing lessons.
    Any objective observer would acknowledge that the management of Sefton has improved over the last year. It is not perfect but I have much more confidence in it that I have previously and part of that is my belief that they will learn lessons.


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