Monday, 20 December 2010

Southport gritting and refuse collection

The two big issues with residents are about gritting and refuse collections during this severe weather. The council has put information on its website about both issues


Sefton's gritting fleet was out several times before, during and after the heavy snowfall on Friday evening.

With snow forecast, an increased 'double spread' of grit was applied three times on Friday and the gritters were also out on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

A council spokesman explained: "We are doing our very best to keep the roads moving but grit has only a limited effect after such heavy snowfall - particularly followed by a sustained period of sub-zero temperatures. In CSefton, we are told it fell as low as -17C on Sunday.

"Grit also works most effectively in conjunction with significant volumes of traffic so the busier roads tend to be become clearer quicker than roads which experience less traffic."

Sefton currently grits more than 200 miles of roads which is more than Government guidelines currently suggest. The type of roads on the gritting routes is based on national criteria and the routes are reviewed every year.

Refuge Collection

Sefton only operate refuse collections in Sefton between Tuesday and Friday.

Sefton currently monitoring the situation for rest of the week and further details will be published on their website when available.

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