Tuesday, 9 November 2010


In 1883 Gladstone introduced the Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act (which clearly does not apply to internal party procedures) in order to put a stop to the widespread practice of 'treating' electors as an inducement to gain their vote. Almost every candidate knows that they cannot provide breakfast to electors and many a mean-fisted candidate has sought to suggest that they cannot even buy a round during an election for fear of falling foul of the Gladstonian Act. (Mind you it is really serious if they extend the prohibition on round buying after they have won)

As the local newspapers have reported there is great discontent amongst some Formby Tories about the selection meeting that led to the well respected Anne Ibbs being deselected in favour of the failed parliamentary candidate Ms Jones. I now hear persistent rumours that there may be grounds for a re-run? More information is welcome.

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