Saturday, 13 November 2010

Lynton Drive/Waterloo Rd crossing

Whilst out canvassing the other day a number of residents pointed out to me that the condition of the road at the junction of Lynton Rd and Waterloo Rd was particularly poor and drew my attention to the state of the zebra crossing

When I got home I duly wrote off to the engineers asking them to inspect the site. This is the reply I received:

An inspection of the carriageway has been carried out by the area
technician however he failed to identify any defects within our criteria
for repair, however the situation will continue to be monitored during
the cyclic inspection system which is currently 4 times per year

I was not wholly content with that so I responded asking them to confirm that they had inspected the road surface where the zebra crossing was:

I then got the following reply:

I am going to inspect the site myself tomorrow and will let you know 

I waited patiently and then this email arrived:

A further inspection has been carried out at the above locations

Lynton Drive

An instruction has been issued for the carriageway to be repaired within the next 7 days

Waterloo Road

The Potholes at the crossing have been repaired and the condition of the carriageway will be monitored during our cyclic inspections which is currently 4 times per year

I trust the information provided is of assistance

The moral of the story? If the first inspection had been thorough we'd have all saved time. Anyway thanks to to Senior Engineer who took it upon himself to go and look. I will do the same this afternoon.

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