Monday, 15 November 2010

Farnborough Road Schools – new Guardrails at Guildford Road

Pupils attending Farnborough Road Junior School should be safer on their way to school – thanks to new guardrails put up near the Guildford Road entrance.


My fellow councillor Simon Shaw serves with me on the Governing Body of Farnborough Road Junior School (he also serves on the separate Farnborough Road Infant School Governing Body).

Simon and I happened to be outside the Guildford Road entrance earlier this year and we were both horrified to see one motorist drive up onto the pavement right outside the School – just as pupils were coming out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a few minutes later the driver decided to reverse along the pavement, just inches away from children.

Simon has been following up with measures to try an prevent this serious road safety hazard. His most recent success was to persuade the Council to fund the installation of extra guardrails on the school side of Guildford Road.

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