Tuesday, 30 November 2010

an amusing suggestion...............

I am told that an amusing suggestion has been made that I will tutoring Cllr Mrs Brenda Porter on which way to vote during the cabinet meeting last week. This is a gratuitous insult to both of us. The likely outcome of me asking Mrs Porter to vote a particular way is that she would do the exact opposite! As we saw over the vote on closer links with Lancashire County Council the fact that I proposed it led the Tories to vote against it (they later sought to change their vote).

This suggestion is particularly nonsensical in relation to the budget votes last Friday. The party groups have had the list of proposals for weeks. We have all had extensive briefings on the issues. All three parties-in advance- published their position on each of the measures. For the record let it be known that after that careful deliberative procedure the Tories had marked the Botantic Nursery saving as GREEN. Therefore there can be no truth in the suggestion that Mrs Porter was 'led' by me, the Tories had declared their position in advance and voted in accordance with that declaration..

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