Friday, 8 October 2010

We may be needing this sometime soon.......

Large scale public sector job cuts, the banks not lending to small businesses (at least in part because they are being required to rebuild and  increase that capital holdings), Obama  struggling to get his stimulus package through all could combine to  usher in a time of mass unemployment. Most respected opinion seems to think that we will escape such a mess but if we don't then it would be time to dust off the Liberal Manifesto on 1929.

This copy was found in the garage of a prominent Birkdale Liberal  H.G. Williamson who lived in Grosvenor Rd.

In the top left hand side he was recorded the Election result in Southport that year :
White C:  21,161
Ramage C: 17,220
Williams A: 5,380

majority 3,941

Cecil Ramage has often appeared in these pages most recently when I received a copy of his obituary.

I shall return to look in some detail at this manifesto-arguably the best and most radical produced by the Liberal Party. In 1977 the party reproduce the original Yellow Book -Britain's Industrial Future- and I have a copy. It ran to over 500 pages. The fly leaf records the story that Lady Asquith saw a well thumbed copy of the book on Roosevelt's desk and that it formed the basis for his New Deal programme in American. In passing the manifesto to me  Michael Braham told the same story. It was undoubtedly the first full scale Keynsian Manifesto produced by a major political party. It is fair to record that the New Party founded by Oswald Mosley when he left the Labour Party in 1931 did also argue a similar economic case.(That is a lesson to beware of Parties that call themselves New)

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