Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Was this the first movement on to the naughty step?

Dissident Tory Councillors often joke to us about being on the 'naughty step' Their leaderships displeasure seems to be directed at those who are prepared to co-operate constructively with us. David Pearson gone into no end of hot water for being seen to have cordial relations with us. It is an irony that his party now has joined a coalition with us and you wonder if he'll get an apology?

Cllr Ibbs recently deselected to allow failed Tory PPC fight a 'safe' council seat in Formby (she stood down from her own in May-was she so certain she was going to win the Gen Elec? ) . Cllr Ibbs is another who will work sensibly with members of other parties. She allowed this photo to be take at a Sefton Youth event. I do worry that it may have got her into trouble.

And if that photo didn't cause problems my hunch is that this one certainly didi

Now we learn that Les Byrom, (former Tory Leader) who left them party because of all the nastiness is to stand in Victoria Ward. I now who my money is on 

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