Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Popular Tory axed?

I await final confirmation of this but I hear a very strong rumour that the Tory whip Anne Ibbs has been deselected in Formby by the Tories in favour of failed Tory Parliamentary Candidate Debbi Jones.

It would be a spectacular own goal by any standards. Anne is well liked and although she has been frequently sent to the 'naughty step' by the leadership she has won widespread respect. Debbi Jones by contrast did very badly at the General Election. I genuinely thought that a Tory Victory in Sefton Central was a nailed down certainty. It was theirs to loose, and they did. Another axed Tory Councillor Wendy Jones openly declared that they got rid of her because she dared to say that Debbi wasn't up to the job.. As my informant wrote:

Debi Jones has been selected instead of Cllr Anne Ibbs in Ravenmeols.

"Blundellsands Debi" and "Blundellsands David (McIvor)"......isn't it a

bit insulting to local Formby residents that 2/3rds of the councillors

in that Ward are Blundellsands Tories.

They can't make it or hack it in Manor Ward so they are exported to

other Wards.

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