Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Major infrastructure scheme for Sefton

Posturing, Prevarication and procrastination ended

The new Thornton relief road from Switch Island is to be built. Tony Roberton has more of the story. Thirteen years of posturing and spin passed by whilst Labour was in government. There was lots of 'media' activity celebrating some 'decision' or other but the bottom  line is that the road was not built. I'm sure somewhere there is a gullible Labour councillor who honestly believes that each and every hoop that we were made to job through was entirely appropriate and necessary. Others will reflect that any process that takes thirteen years and fails to get the road built is a process that is not fit for purpose.

The road is of real significant and will make a significant impact on the economic life of our area. It is just the type of project that should be invested in when the economy is in its present perilous state. Not only will it improve communications and provide employment it will dramatically improve the quality of life for many of our citizens. The scheme has been talked about since 1932. John Pugh is being given a lot of the credit. He is a former leader of Sefton Council and fully appreciates the impact this scheme will have.

Compare and contrast; thirteen years of media stories and no road, with 6 month and a decision. I know which I prefer

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