Friday, 22 October 2010

Last night's full council meeting

If ever you needed evidence to support the view that Sefton Labour party do not accept the needs for cuts it came last night. Not only did we have one or two Labour Councillors chanting slogans reminiscent of Militant in the 70's-no cut here etc,we have an extremely boring debate in which Labour seemed to blame every one but themselves for the fact the the Thornton relief road has not been built.

It is worth just pausing to remind ourselves that the Labour party has been in power for 13 years and took public expenditure to a new high and yet didn't manage to build the road. What we did get from Labour was an almost annual announcement about how Labour had given quasi approval. That is they had invent a hurdle that the scheme had to clear and then celebrated this mirage of a victory. The road was not build but every year there was a press release saying how wise and wonderful the Labour government was and how the road was being progressed-but not built.

Then at the end, when even Gordon Brown knew there had to be cuts (although not Sefton Labour party), a senior Civil Servant was dispatched to say that after clearing every hurdle that had been put in it's way the there was a very real danger that this and other transport schemes may not go ahead. And so it happened that there was a quasi decision to cancel a quasi approval to think about building the road, Now after thirteen years of celebrating every meeting when Labour said they might think about building the road and actually failing to do so, it is the coalitions fault that there is no road.

Oh dear oh dear..................

In the face of this evidence there appears to be no acceptance from Sefton Labour Party that cuts of any sort are required. They forget about Alister Darling's £90bn package and the VAT rise that he and Mandelson have confirmed was in Labour's plans. They just want to chant, no cuts, no cuts no cuts. I sincerely hope that the Labour leadership comes up with a more constructive approach.

Nevertheless last night did give the chance to recall and incident from the days of Labour. Gordon Brown went to open the new Lehman Bros offices and told them 'what you have done for the City of London I want to do for the British ecomomy' and he did. More of the same can be found here

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