Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Farnborough Rd Canteen and Children's Centre opening

At the height of wartime austerity Farnborough Rd School had a temporary canteen built . It was a single brick building-no cavity or any form of insulation and had a 'tin roof'. In the time I have been a governor there -which is getting on for 20years- we have been striving  to get it replaced. It was too small, in the wrong place(i.e. a detached building a good distance from the main building) and so far from ideal it is hard to explain. At last we had progress and this morning the Mayor Maureen Fearn opened the new building. It will make a massive difference both to the school and the local community. Birkdale is short of  public halls to hire. For the Junior school it also gives the first opportunity in a long while to assemble the whole school in the same room.
After the opening of the canteen we moved across to the new First Foots Children's Centre which is attached to the Infants school.
Photos by Simon Shaw of Junior School Head Adrian Antell and the Mayor and secondly of the Infant Herad Wendy Cheetham with the Mayor and her consort.

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