Friday, 1 October 2010

Ed Milliband fails to get members support-new figures

Now don't get me wrong, I think that Ed Milliband has the potential to be a Labour business with whom we can do business. He has shown a better grasp of pluralism than most and he does think civil liberties are important. It is easy to score points on these and other matter after thirteen years it is all very well to talk about democratising the state but why didn't he and his colleagues do something about it whilst in government? More difficult still is the declaration that the Iraq war was wrong. Why would you vote for a party that gets it wrong when you can vote for one that gets it right. Nevertheless my biggest worry is that his party simply 'don' get these issues'. Labour activists are not pluralist by nature and many certainly don't reckon that civil liberties are a high priority. I suspect that is one  the reason that Ed Milliband did so badly in the ballot in Sefton.  As the figures below show there is no enthusiasm for his message and judging by the turn out in Bootle not much enthusiasm for the entire election. It ought of course to be noted that the Labour Party does use AV to elect its leader!

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  1. Look at those tiny membership figures...

    Bootle 330
    Sefton C. 297
    Southport 191


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