Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tory Runner and Riders for Dukes Ward

The Tories only clung on to one ward in Southport last year -Dukes Ward. Essentially this is Shoreside Birkdale (home to championship golf courses and retired footballers) and the southern section of the Town Centre (which in socio economic terms is the most deprived in Southport) this is the only seat we have never won on Sefton Council. It is our belief that at the General Election John Pugh came very close to winning the votes in those polling districts.
Dukes Ward is also the centre of the spectacular row that has broken out  between local Tories leading to resignations , desertions, and a level of nastiness and vindictiveness the like of which I have never witnessed before.
As we have reported before membership of the local Conservative Assoc (as reported to the Electoral Commission)  is in sharp decline as is the Tory vote. True to recent form the Tories do not appear to have got their act together over selection of a candidate.

Three names now appear to be in contention; Former Association President (resigned) and local solicitor Jeremy Myers, a genuine Dukes Ward Tory and former PPC for West Lancs, who was announced as the candidate after Les Byrom the former Tory Leader crossed the floor claiming that all the nastiness and back-biting was too much for him.

Mrs P. Ball who appears to be ambitious

And finally the women described to me by a local Tory as the '****** choice' Mrs C Reagan. (On a family blog I couldn't possibly use the phrase although I fully appreciate the sentiment)

So their chances? Jeremy seems to be fully occupied at work so I guess he must be marked down to 'evens'. Of the two women-well it depends who makes the selection-the ward or the association, I have Mrs Ball slightly in front.

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