Monday, 27 September 2010

One of the hands that was bitten by Henry Fairlie....

In 1947 Bob Martin stood down as Southport's parliamentary candidate. The executive looked around for a replacement and having failed to persuade Dingle Foot (until 1945 the Liberal MP for Dundee) they turned to a young journalist on the Manchester Evening News one Henry Fairlie. He went on to be a renowned journalist writing a column in the Spectator under the alias 'Trimmer'. The obituary below comes from the Manchester Guardian. He didn't turn up most after being selected as his job moved to London. the Executive finally wrote and asked him to resign
It was about this time that Simms Mitchell lost his seat representing Talbot Ward and promptly joined the Tories. He was still council as Chair of Planning in 1984 when I joined but this is not the time to go into the saga of the sea bathing lake or the Bowling Green at the Park Hotel.

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