Friday, 3 September 2010

Council cuts Councillors Allowances.

Sefton Council approved a 5% cut in special responsibilities allowances for Councillors last night, it proposedat the meeting by my colleague Cllr Robertson. The motion had unanimous support. I notice that something similar has happened in Hull where the cabinet has had a cut of 5%. In Sefton many Councillors have 'responsibility allowances' -especially the Tory members who now have so few members that they almost all have them and Barry Griffiths has two!

Two thoughts occur to me. Firstly this does not cover outside bodies where the likes of Labour Councillor Mark Dowd picks up an embarrassingly large 'wedge' . Secondly, desireable though this burden sharing is, it is small in relation to the overall cuts and in that context the growing disgruntlement amongst some Tory backbenchers whose leadership have not understood the level of savings required is growing. Interestingly at yesterday's cabinet the sole Tory sounded like a Labour member only speaking to express her concern about proposed reductions.....

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  1. Well done Sefton - some others not so far away from you could learn a lesson from your prudence!!


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