Monday, 20 September 2010

The Importance of saying Thank You -a leaflet from Southport in 1910

Saying thank you properly after an election is so important. There is nothing worse when you finish the count-whether you have won or lost -for nobody to have thought about a party for everyone to wind down and talk over the election. This is particularly true in a General Election when so many folk have put their lives on hold, desserted their families and taken annual leave to help with campaign. Michael Braham's book -available online at our website has some excellent examples. 
On this blog we have written a lot  about the first 1910 election when Baron de Forest was the candidate but there were two 1910 election and in the second Mr Woodcock was the candidate. He went on to become a Judge. sadly he lost -by less that 700 votes. The card from  him and his wife was sent to all workers.

Michael' s book records:

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