Wednesday, 15 September 2010

blocked grid overflowing and causing a terrible smell

I see I'm not alone with struggling to get flooding problems sorted. But I can report one small success this morning. The issue was raised with me by a resident who works in Tulketh St near the offending drain. I finally got a note  this morning confirming that action had been taken:

'Dear Councillor,

Further to your e-mail of 16th August 2010, regarding a blocked grid in
Tulketh Street, Southport that was overflowing and causing terrible
smell. ....... work was issued to the contractor on G2R123 to have the gully checked. 
On inspection it was found that the problem was on a private or pre-1936 drain connecting 
into the waste water interceptor, however, because it posed a health hazard I requested the
contractor to clear it, which he did.'

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