Monday, 9 August 2010

Sarah Tisdall in our Golden Dozen

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

I got an email this morning from a regular reader alerting me to the inclusion of the a posting on the  Birkdale blog in this weeks 'Golden Dozen'  over on Lib Dem Voice. It was not the sort of week when we expected such an accolade as we have been chiefly concerned with the allotment on Sefton Council-those types of posting attract a lots of hits but not via Lib Dem Blogs.

Looking back at the stats for the last couple of weeks we have had a increase in hits from USA and Europe-it's good to see our readers are keeping up with us whilst on holiday. We have picked up a couple of regular readers from Maine and Mountain View, California.

Undoubtedly our most popular post ever is the one on the Civil War in the Southport Tories, but the one that most regularly appears in the stats and seems always to feature in 'search engine' enquiries is the one about Sarah Tisdall  back in November O8. the BBC News mentioned her six months later.

Ms Tisdall was the junior civil servant who blew the whistle on Michael Hestletine's plans for the deployment of Cruise missiles and for her pains got a six months sentence. the YL's elected her as a Vice President.

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