Saturday, 14 August 2010

Esterson becoming a liability?

Despite the honeymoon reporting in some quarters of the local press the man from Kent who came to be the Labour candidate in Sefton Central does seem a tad accident prone.

Just thought you might be interested to know that Labour lost Esterson's council seat at Medway Council in a by-election held yesterday. Mr Esterson has been reported canvassing in Kent. I hope he went to the correct constituency!

617 Con
544 Labour
104 Lib Dem
45 Green
39 BNP
33 English Democrats

Not only does he not appear to know who runs Sefton council there is legitimate concern over whether he knows which neighbourhoods he represents-if you listen here at about 23min 18 sec in you'll see what I mean.

But most concerning of all is a recent ruling by the judge who is the information commissioner. Unite and Mr Esterson have a close relationship and reports of their involvement in the general election campaign have raise concerns.

Mark Pack reported some while ago about the abuse of personal data held by Unite:

Charlie Whelan’s recent interview with Left Foot Forward confirmed what’s been widely reported elsewhere, namely that Unite are running a phone canvassing operation where they are asking their members how they are intending to vote:
We’ve talked to tens of thousands, almost hundreds of thousands of people in the last couple of years and there are a proportion of Unite members who are Tories. But the current telephone canvassing we’ve been doing of Unite members shows that it’s only 8.5%. I expected it to be higher than that.
However, if you are asking people their voting intentions and then recording that information, there are special data protection rules which apply in order to protect such sensitive personal data. Yet on checking Unite’s data protection registration with the Information Commissioner, it looks as if Unite has not met these legal obligations.
That Labour simply do not get issues of personal liberty is not a new revelation-the ends justify the means. The  Commissioner has now ruled on Unite's actions following a complaint and it will surprise nobody to know that Dr Pack was correct and his complaint was upheld. 

Now what was I hearing about mass phone canvassing in Sefton Central..................


  1. Surely the result of the byelection in Medway shows the exact opposite to what you say - Bill Esterson, great man that he is, can win in a ward where no other Labour candidate can. Not only that, he can keep Sefton Central Labour in an election which Labour lose nationally. The last time the Labour national share of the vote was so low, Labour polled only 10% of the vote in the seat which is closest to current Sefton Central, whereas when Bill Esterson stood he won with 42%.

  2. So no comment on the illegal actions of UNITE and Labour then ?


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