Thursday, 15 July 2010

red faces in Bootle Labour party..?

Ho, ho. ho I spent last Thursday being rounding abused by the Bootle Labour Party about the economic policy of the government. In particular Ian Maher worked himself up into a right lather about the VAT rise. At the time I thought this was a little fool hardy as my recollection was that Chancellor Darling had point blank refused to rule out a VAT rise (in the highly unlikely event of a Labour win).

Now thanks to Peter Mandelson we know the depth of the Labour hypocracy. Sadly the full article is behind the Times paywall but the Guardian has most of it here. I think it is now time we heard from James Purnell who had the gumption to call for Brown to go. But the essential thing that Mandelson reveals is that Darling wanted VAT to rise. It rather chops off at the knees the Ian Maher line of attack.

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