Monday, 26 July 2010

Home is where the heart is ....

I should say that I have heard some positive things about the new MP for Sefton Central despite his closeness to Unite (which reminds me we must look at their election expenses).  His attempt to blame the cutting of the Switch Island road on this government was a little gauche as it was clearly a decision of the Labour government-but we are use to the unreality about spending that the Labour Party has developed in opposition. Nevertheless I was surprised to read how active he has been in Kent following Ed Milliband about (there goes that Unite connection again) :

'Medway was the focus of Mr Miliband’s visit where, accompanied by members of the local Labour team and former councillor Bill Esterson, now MP for Sefton Central, he helped canvass for the Medway Council by-election on August 12 for Labour candidate John Jones.'

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