Sunday, 25 July 2010

E.J.C. Young b Kneedy

Yesterday saw me at Old Trafford to see Lancashire play the Unicorns in a 40 over match. The Unicorns are a side made up of cricketers not under contract to a county. They play in this competition along with Scotland and the Netherlands. I guess the idea is that it is a place where young cricketers can be seen alongside some older pros. Well Lancs won easily -by nine wickets. As to young cricketers taking the opportunity to impress two took the eye. Firstly the young Zimbabwean medium pace bowler Glen Querl who took the only wicket for the Unicorns and did a good job of restricting the run rate.The other Unicorn to impress was a Lancashire lad from Oldham who now plays Minor Counties cricket for Norfolk Christopher Brown. His off spin bowling was the most economical of the innings.
photo by me!

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