Tuesday, 20 July 2010

D66 coalition talks fail

The 'purple coalition' talks failed today in Holland on the issue of deficit reduction. Maybe we should be talking to our Dutch friends.

Netherlands worldwide radio reports:

'Talks about the formation of a so-called ‘Purple-plus’ cabinet for the Netherlands – a coalition of the free-market Liberal VVD party, Labour Party, D66 and Green Left – fell part on Tuesday in their third week. Informateurs Uri Rosenthal (VVD) and Jacques Wallage (PvdA) have wound up the discussions and are preparing their final report. (Informateurs are politicians who investigate proposed governing coalitions on behalf of Queen Beatrix. They will report to her on Wednesday.)
It was referred to as 'Purple-plus' since it would have combined the ‘blue’ of the VVD with the ‘red’ of the Labour Party, 'plus 'the two smaller parties.
After the announcement of the talks’ collapse, the party leaders offered an explanation for their failure. Mark Rutte (VVD), Job Cohen (Labour Party), Alexander Pechtold (D66) and Femke Halsema (Green Left) said the discussions foundered on the topic of finance. The parties could not agree on the size of budget cuts for the coming years.
There were also big disagreements about mortgage interest deductions and the kilometre-tax (whereby drivers would be taxed on every kilometre they travelled).

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