Friday, 30 July 2010

Council Communications

It is not a secret that there has been a lot of dissatisfaction about the communication strategy of Sefton Council. Mark Bigley the Conservative Councillor for Ainsdale (until the recent elections) made a series of suggestions for improvement. Others of us have be frustrated at the failure of the council to exploit the possibilities of social media-by which I include things as basic as the website! We were still getting pleas to put out a full delivery Council Newspaper. Somethings went a head-before my time expensive video equipment was bought and films made which few people knew about and even fewer watched! Well when I asked for information no one seemed able to come up with any information.

Anyway as part of a political strategy to get things up to date we managed to get communications to report to one cabinet member -me. This is not the place to detail the trials and tribulations of getting policy in this area reviewed. There have recently been a series of departures from the council as part of the 'slimming down process'  and next Wednesday I am getting the first report from the new regime. For the first time I think that we might be getting somewhere! You can access the reports here.

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