Thursday, 29 July 2010

150th birthday

On August 2nd  1860 the first leisure pier in Great Britain was opened in Southport. Late in the C20th it was restored and today is the second longest pier in Britain. On Monday August 2nd at 12 noon there will be an appropriate and modest celebration. All are welcome.
Congratulations to all involved in the pier restoration and management today.
Mike Swift raised this at last nights Area Committee and I was very happy to add our congratulations. I waited with baited breath for his supplementary question but he had genuinely come to draw to out attention the piers 150th birthday. Inevitably others could not resist the temptation of a passing bandwagon (as Sir Ron Watson has pointed out) and started asking questions about increasing the opening hours.
Mike Booth was soon on his feet-he is the cabinet member for tourism- and told us that the pier has opened later in the past and that it can do so again. The decision is in the hands of the businesses who can have access to the keys.

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