Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sefton Council Cabinet meeting

Sefton's cabinet met this morning. In truth it was a little of an anti climax as we were waiting for a statement from the government about the impact of their deficit reduction plans on the council.There was an interesting moment when Ian Maher (Lab) I proposed that I record one of Mrs Parry's utterances on my blog. I shall ignore his suggestion.I have every confidence that the member for Blundellsands knows all about the facility mentioned at para 2.3 on page 92 on the agenda as well as the site of every tree ever planted in the district.At the end of the meeting she was keen to reassure me she was only joking. I don't think she will be following Lembit into stand up.

Of much more interest was the item on the housing development at Kew. My Lib Dem colleagues had to face down a sustained Tory campaign against this development. The Tory in the local election standing against Maureen Fearn had a no holes barred campaign against this much needed development. The land has been earmarked for housing for a generation. By day Tories were voting in the council for this project whilst at night they were out whipping up a 'nimby' campaign against the development.You have to admire their bare faced opportunism. They clearly feel it is now rank bad manners to point out their actions. Fortunately we have kept their leaflets and will make sure that the new tenants get to see them. 

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