Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Quaife for defence

Last night Southport Lib Dem executive met. This was the first truly post election meeting and we spent no time dwelling on the results. Meeting have been held about that and lessons drawn and written down for future use. Last night we began working out how to take our campaigning forward. I find very little negative reaction to the coalition.

There is a recognition that reducing the deficit is going to be hard and that aspects of it will be extremely difficult. I have already suggested that the future funding of long term social care needs speedy action and a new agreement about the distribution of costs needs to be on the table as soon as possible. the first wave of 'baby boomers' reach 65 this year.

There was a real appetite for a number of other major campaigns that need integrating into everyday activities. First the AV referendum  needs to be thought about and planned with all the commitment that we summoned in the General Election. I would certainly like to see that done on a non party basis. Then there are two other issues that I would put top of my list: student fees and trident.

I very much regret that trident is not going into the defence review. To me it seems frankly potty. Liam Fox as as the cabinet member for defence makes me anxious. My ideal Tory Defence minister would be Roger Quaife but sadly Fox does not display the subtly of imagination to bring off the coup that Quaife attempted in the corridors of power in the 1950's.

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