Friday, 14 May 2010

Two jobs Barry -no jobs for excluded Tories?

I'm not sure what the implications of the decisions made at the Sefton Tory group AGM are. We are told that there was a challenge to the Porter Parry leadership and that Mrs Parry sneaked through. I am also told that Cllr Anne Ibbs is their Chief Whip.
The Tories lost seats at the local elections-one in Ainsdale to the Lib Dems and one in Manor Ward Crosby to Labour. As a result the composition of the Sefton Council Cabinet is 4 Lib Dems, 4 Labour, 2 Con, with the casting vote with Lib Dem Council Leader Tony Robertson.

The Tories have given up their Communities Portfolio to Labour. The position had been held by Brenda Porter the defeated Tory Parliamentary candidate in Southport. Logically you would have thought that she would have been dropped from the cabinet, but instead she has elbowed Barry Griffiths out of his Health and Social Care job. There is general 'gobsmackedness' around this move. Very briefly-at the beginning of last municipal year-Mrs Porter had the Health and Social Care portfolio. She did not last long. As any politican will tell you there are very difficult decisions of rationing to be made in this area. Mrs Porter was faced with one such decision -on the relatively mild end of the spectrum- and swopped with jobs with Barry before the issue got to Cabinet. It is of course entirely possible that this was coincidental.

By way of compensation I see that Barry has got two paid council jobs.(The price of support in the leadership  vote? I'm told it was that close) I also observe that the two Dukes Ward Tories -Sir Ron Watson and David Pearson-are alone in the Tory group having no posts.

When will they ever learn

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