Thursday, 27 May 2010

1987 and all that..............................

I noticed in the list of  political advisers employed by Lib Dems in Government was Duncan Brack's name.  Duncan is a leading light in the Lib Dem history group and I was recently checking up on the 'official' history of the SDP/ Liberal policy statement of 1987. Duncan wrote the key document recording the incident thus:

Steel's undoing was his habitual disregard for policy detail, leading to the disastrous farce of the 'dead parrot' draft of the founding policy statement of the merged party, a poorly thought-through sub-Thatcherite document which he should have known would have been unacceptable to the Liberals, and indeed to many Social Democrats. Although the document was scrapped and a new one prepared, Steel's position was fatally undermined, and he could not have hoped (and in any case probably did not want) to become the leader of the new party when merger was eventually approved by a majority vote of both parties in January 1988.

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