Wednesday, 9 September 2009

UKIP rattle Labour's cage whilst squabbling

UKIP have been causing a flurry of activity in Bootle. The Labour Party have always seen it as a no go area for other parties. Already this year they have suffered a defection to us on the council which offended their sense of what was divinely ordained. Now UKIP are rattling their cage as well. In last May's election Paul Nuttal came close to winning a seat from them. He was then elected as an MEP and plans to set up his office in Bootle I am told. He is the national Chair of UKIP and made the news today by falling out with another MEP-the party treasurer-over an internal matter .Mrs Andreason is a high profile UKIP MEP and it is good to see that UKIP continue to squabble Anyway back to Bootle. All of a sudden we have seen a rather pathetic version of a Labour leaflet appearing.
There are now three parties and Labour aren't use to challenge. They have been chased out of the rest of the borough-it wasn't so long ago that they held seats in Formby and Manor ward. Part of the issue is that they have failed to respond to the new political environment and are seeking comfort in the old political slogans popular in the 1970s and part is that Bootle is changing. There has been significant redevelopment and the old Labour certainties do not ring true to the new residents. Bootle -at least in the short term-will remain one of the safest of Labour seats but the earth is shifting.