Thursday, 17 September 2009

Plans made public

At last, after several requests, there is a proper report on Sefton website about the state of the so called 'Cultural Centre'-the Library, Art Gallery and Arts Centre in Southport and the plans for the future. If you are interested please go and have a look. There have been time in the last couple of weeks when I have began to have an inkling about how whoever it was (Sisyphus ?) in Greek mythology felt. He was condemned to endlessly repeat the same task-in his case push a stone up a mountain and in mine repeat my request that the information on the Cultural Centre be made widely available to the public.

I have believed for some while that the case for investing in the Centre has not been properly made to the public. This is by no means the whole story, there are still important issues to be discussed-ie where the library will be place temporaly whilst this essential refurbishment is carried out and what facilities will be available there. Nevertheless the public can now see why many of us feel that this project is important for the town.