Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The phone mast story and the one about the flipping portfolio can wait....

I was blissfully unaware that that Total Politics were doing a poll of Lib Dem blogs and therefore was a little gobsmacked to see that the Birkdale Focus came in at No. 39 after 1500 people voted.

Congratulations to Charlotte Gore who topped the poll, also in the top ten were the excellent Liberal England and Mark Reckons who was no doubt boosted by his Radio 4 appearance to discuss his statistical analysis of the MPs expenses debacle.

In the Top 75 were The Disgruntled Radical up from 45 last year to 42, Nick Clegg's blog was at 45 and Johnathon Fryer whose on European and World Affairs have been mentioned here regularly-not to mention all things to do with Oscar Wilde- is at 32 with Chris Davis at 33.

Anyway back to business, I was going to tell you about the curious incident of the flipping portfolio. The mystery is was it caused by fear or opportunism? I've no time to explain now but I will return to this highly significant mystery.