Tuesday, 8 September 2009

putting up the price of salads will not balance the books

The obvious lack of substance in Cameron's speach this morning will have done nothing to persuade the doubters in his own party and in the country at large.
I was quite taken with Danny Alexander's rejoinder quoted on Libdem Voice:

There is a good argument to be made for cutting the cost of politics, the Liberal Democrats have proposed reducing the number of MPs by 150, but if the Conservatives seriously hope to convince people they are fit to govern it is time they stopped dodging the tough questions.

The Liberal Democrats have proposed not renewing Trident, David Cameron wants to increase the price of salads. While it’s nice to finally have some concrete proposals from the Conservatives, at this rate it would take them several centuries to balance the books.

David Cameron claims to want to cut spending but refuses to tell anyone how he hopes to achieve it. The Conservatives need to stop insulting our intelligence and set out what they really believe.