Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Thomas More Children's Home

Nugent Care -the Catholic Church's Social Care Charity-have their Children's Home on Liverpool Rd., Birkdale up for sale. It has been boarded up for a while and local people have been anxious to know what its fate will be.

Firstly we ought to say that we fully understand that there is no call for the large scale Children's Home today, so that it entirely understandable that the Charity wishes to sell the asset and use the money for its activities.

The estate agents blurb suggests that it could become Old People's village or some such. The Southport Visiter carried the story where I made an alternative suggestion:

Liberal Democrat councillor Iain Brodie Browne has called on any
potential buyer to ease Southport’s affordable homes crisis.
Experts reckon the town is in need of some 6,000 properties for low-income and first time buyers.
Cllr Brodie Browne said: “We don't want a ghetto of properties that
only the mega rich can afford.
“We would want a proper mix and a good proportion of affordable homes. We are in desperate need of starter homes so young people can get a foothold on the property ladder.”
He added: “It would be great if instead of just doing the statutory minimum in environmental matters, Southport got a development that pioneered new eco-friendly methods which could help reduce our carbon footprint.
“We could create a 'green village' with homes that use new cutting edge technologies for power and construction.”