Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Liberal moment or two

I don’t know how many editorials in The Times Clem Davies had devoted to his policies in his like time-not many would be my guess. I do recall reading somewhere that when Davies was deeply involved in the plotting and maneuvering around the removal Chamberlain as Prime Minister he had dinner with the editor of the Times. Davies managed to get agreement about Chamberlain, but like most of the establishment and the Tory party the editor wanted to have Halifax take over. Thank goodness that didn't happen.
Well Davies made it this week in the Times editorial page when in reviewing Nick Clegg’s new Demos Pamphlet the ‘Liberal Moment’ the Times recalls the incident when Churchill invited him to join the cabinet as Secretary of State for Education. Davis turned it down and in that one unselfish act he preserved the independence of the Liberal Party. His rejection of the post was made from a very week position. Today because of that-and countless other acts –Nick Clegg is in a position to pitch his claim that Liberalism can take over from Labour and lead progressive politics in Britain.