Sunday, 20 September 2009

I'm in Bournemouth for the Lib Dem Conference this week. I travelled down on the train with Ronnie and Joyce Fearn. It was good to see a peer of the realm slumming it in standard class. And before anyone gets upset about describing travelling by train a slumming it; you have clearly not been on the Southport to Wigan line recently. It has been starved of investment. I've begun to think that if present operator doesn't want the franchise then the regulator should take it off them. I shall return to this matter later as I know that I am not alone in being disgusted with the way this service has been neglected
Anyway we finally got to the South coast-delayed in the New Forest because someone pulled the communication cord-and I am sitting out in the sunshine overlooking the sea.

I bumped into Ronnie again this morning. He had been induced into trying out the wi-fit game on one of the exhibition stalls. Now we have this game at home and late at night some adults have been trapped by their children into trying out the ski version of the wi fit. This was the game Ronnie was attempting this morning. Now I can think of many folk-younger than Ronnie- who wouldn't have been so 'game' as Ronnie.