Friday, 4 September 2009

of course they haven't changed

I must admit I do feel a little sympathy for Cameron on some days. There he is deperate to prove his 'green' credentials-riding his bike, re-designing his logo and jetting off to have his photo taken watching the ice cap melt- then the whole project is undermined by his unreconstructed membership.
How his heart must sink when one of his members elected to public offices chooses to buy a gas-guzzler with the carbon footprint of a small nation. Sod the environment, sod the common good if you feel that you need that sort of status symbol then you declare a lot about your values. Mind you the young lass stood next to me observing this obscenity had a straight forward Freudian explanation why some men would feel the need to make such a purchase.
Alternatively they may just believe that climate change is a myth............