Sunday, 13 September 2009

Housing land in Birkdale identified.

The Straegic Housing Land Availability Study for Birkdale is out. Few can deny that folk living longer and more smaller households there is a real unmet need for housing. In Southport we are desperately in need of homes for keyworkers and those looking for their first home. This report looks at all the available land. We have been campaigning for some while to bring some of these sites in to use-especially those owned by housing associations that have been vacant for years.
Some of the site are more problematic. The document is out for consultation. We would be pleased to hear your views.

I was interested to see that the study looked at the whole of Birkdale-not just the local government ward. Now I don't want to sound like a Serbian nationalist arguing for a Greater Birkdale but folk who live South of Boundary Street consider themselves to be in Birkdale even if they are represented on the Council by Kew Ward Councillors. Equally the southern boundary of Birkdale is not Carr Lane but goes a long way down Heathfield Rd to Philip Drive. And, of course Shoreside Birkdale with the famous golf course is part of Birkdale even though it is in Dukes Ward. Some people struggle to understand that.