Thursday, 24 September 2009

Global Security Fringe Meeting

There are no issues of greater importance than global security. War and climate change require us to seek better ways of managing our planet. Most people realise that what the old Liberal Party constitution called the 'warping influence of nationalism' which has raised it ugly and unwanted headed again militates against effective solutions to these matters.

At the fringe meeting David Grace had the job of summing up. He took the chance to re-state the case for federalism. 30 years of negative propoganda from Thatcher, Callaghan, and their ilk have meant that even when folk suggest federalist solutions they sky away from the name. Some of that is straight forward ignorance, but often it is because the name has become politically inacceptable. It is time to reclaim not only the name but the literature and thinking. It does light the way to global security.

David explains:

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