Wednesday, 16 September 2009

First Mandy and now Hattersley; is PR no longer a lost cause?

Next in my series on lost causes that are suddenly being taken up comes PR. In recent times Industrial Democracy has re-emerged and allotments (don't laugh. it was a vote on allotments that once brought down a Tory Government) and now PR is back. Lib Dem Voice reported the Lord High Mandy's view yesterday and today in the Times Roy Hattersley declares himself as a convert:

I admit to arguing the case for PR with the zeal of a recent convert. My mind has been changed by disappointment. Ten years of timid Labour government has convinced me that under the present voting system, social democracy will never thrive in a society where winning power depends on one party securing an overall parliamentary majority.

Now let us not get carried away, I remember when Tories facing certain defeat suddenly embraced the notion. Nevertheless if the progressive majority in Britain is ever to be translated into government PR is essential.