Monday, 17 August 2009


A while back I was expressing my concern about the unregulated use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.You may recall that a senior police officer was trying to make our council subsidise his already significant capital budget to complete the'ring of steel' around the borough so the police could know who was coming and going and with whom etc. The safeguards -such as exist- are pathetic.
Now Vince Cable has told his Daily Mail readers that he was stopped as a result of false information on the APRN data base:

The officers said they had checked my car registration on an insurance
database and I was shown as driving uninsured. I knew there was a mistake since
I remembered receiving the certificate and insisted on a check with the
There was an error on the database. I was driving legally. The
officers were courteous to a fault and apologised for the inconvenience. But if
I had been a nervous teenager or simply lacking the confidence to insist on a
check, there might have been an unhappier turn of events.

Now the point is not if Vince had to put up with some hassle but rather that there is no legal structure around these actions and seeminly little understanding from the police of the issues. What chance today for an investigatitive journalist looking into police corruption?