Thursday, 16 July 2009

Lynton Rd street sweeping

One of those bits of casework that make you realise thing aren't quite as joined up as you would wish came yesterday from Lyton Rd. They have a street sweeper-about whom everyone is complimentary ( I hope they tell him that and not just me ) Sadly his rota sends him to Lynton Rd on the same day as the dustbin men come; which means he is not around to sweep up if there are any spillages. I must say that the introduction of wheelie bins and the alternative weekly collect has significantly reduced the amount of spillage. We no longer get vermin, dogs and foxes splitting open the black plastic sacks that used to line our streets. Never the less there is still a problem. Sefton is doing a review and if should be finished in 12 months I'm told. I'm pleased to tell the Lynton Rd folk that in the meantime I have asked for some action to be taken and the key bit of the reply is printed below.

'I have asked the Street Services Officer if as a 'one off' they can change
this particular Road so we can address the problem'