Wednesday, 1 July 2009

LGA part 2

It was good to bump into Sir Ron Watson at the conference he is seen above pictured with Cllr Jack Colbert a Maghull Lib Dem Councillor. Ron is held in high regard by many Tories in the local government world and one or two have siddled up to me to ask about what is going on with Sefton Tories; what with Les Byrom desertion to Labour and the involvement of the wider party in the David Pearson botched deselection.
Sir Ron is well known for his love of Jazz and the Goon show. I was told by one delegate that Sir Ron had delivered the spoof political speech from the Goon Show in the Sefton council chamber and that nobody had noticed!
David Williams-for many years the leader of Richmond Council and a Lib Dem councillor there for several decades also spoke highly of Sir Ron (altho not of his politics!) He shares a passion for jazz but admitted that Ron's taste in these matters was a bit more 'advanced' than his.
I was interested to hear from David their experience fighting the Tories in Richmond, where the mega rich Zac Goldsmith is pouring money into the seat. He and others said that the Tory campaign was very negative with lots of knocking copy. It does make you wonder. The BBC radio programme The Age of MING examined how the negative campaign against Ming Campbell was successful. Now Ming is a fit man-ex Olympic Sprinter, and nobody ever left a meeting with Ming thinking that he hadn't understood what was going on. Food for thought.