Sunday, 21 June 2009

Southport Womens Lib Dems

Last the Southport WLD group held their annual salmon and strawberries fundraiser. This year it was held at St Luke's Church Hall. Pat and David Sumner were in charge of the kitchen and everything went well. Cllr Carmel Preston is the new chair and did a first class job in getting new folk interested.
The Southport group was one of the very first in the country sometime back around 1885. They were fierce for female sufferage and for temperance. We are coming up to the centenary of the 1910 election when the women did not support the Lib candidated because he was soft on temperance. The dirty tricks used in that election by the Tories are legendary. In Southport we are going to mark the occasion and more details will be published soon.

photo by Nigel Ashton